Support Coordination and Connection

Accessing your NDIS funding and transitioning to the Scheme is only half of the journey – the other half is about activating your plan and implementing the supports which meet your needs and preferences.

Volunteering Services Australia understands the need to strengthen coordination pathways under the NDIS and has therefore created its Support Coordination service.


Our Support Coordinators

Understand the Sector

Our Coordinators are people who themselves have lived experience of disability, including being NDIS Participants – so we understand the challenges, complexities and opportunities of the NDIS.

Provide Advice

We can support and advocate for you if you require advice or recommendations regarding Plan Reviews, NDIS challenges, advocacy pathways, preparing for your first plan, or getting ready for a new plan.

Active Coordination

Our targeted approach will align you, the NDIS participant, with various supports under your plan. We are your impartial advocate supporting you to select service providers that meet your needs.

Adapt our Approach

Everything is based on your specific circumstance. We meet when is most convenient for you, we use Assistive Technology help you to access our services & we ensure you lead the work we create.

Holistic and Systemic

We work with you to identify and address any broader challenges which you may have – such as access to primary healthcare, housing services, mental health services, advocacy and navigation supports, pro bono legal advice, and access to specialised community transport.

Focus on Mainstream Integration

We believe that all people have the right to access mainstream services without having to use funding. Before your NDIS Plan is used, we ensure that you are connected with the ‘every day’ services to which you are entitled, and which will make your NDIS-funded services more effective.

Contact Us

To enquire about our Support Coordination and Connection Services please contact Simon Nugus on (07) 5526 0688 or 0438 486 637.