Access Our Services

“We focus solely on enabling opportunities within mainstream settings within the community” – Simon Nugus, CEO

Accessing our Services

We take a personalised approach – we want to talk with you and learn how best to work with you to meet your needs and preferences. So, all you need to do is call or email us. We will then:

  • Ask you some basic questions such as name and address;- ask you what transport support you have now, and what you would life for the future; and provide a quote for you
  • Find out whether you have an NDIS plan, or if you would like to become a social enterprise owner
  • Find out about your current core/capacity supports provider, and ask your permission to speak to them. This will help us to coordinate your transport.
  • We will go through some paperwork with you – this will be a Service Agreement if you are an NDIS participant, or a Rental Agreement if you want to start your own micro-business/social enterprise.

Call us today to find out more p: 07 5526 5288. 

What Then?

  • We can set up a schedule for when you would like to travel (if you know in advanced when/where you would like to travel), and we also give you access to our bookings and scheduling team – they are a team of people who take your calls and work with you to ensure our transport service is perfectly suited to your needs;
  • If you decide that you would like your own vehicle, that is a separate process and we can talk to you about what is involved – just call us.