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Animal Lover Andrew Volunteers to Make a Difference

By March 7, 2019 No Comments

Andrew Cory – Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

His passion for animals and wildlife is what encouraged Andrew Cory to become a volunteer.

“I started volunteering because of my love and respect for animals. There are so many issues with the treatment of our wildlife that I wanted to get involved and make a difference,” he said.

Andrew has since spent many years volunteering for animal organisations in Sydney and on the Gold Coast. He currently volunteers at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary as a Park Volunteer.

“As a Park Volunteer, I am tasked with providing positive interaction with the animals and guests throughout the park. We introduce and educate our visitors about the animals, explain the facilities and promote activities around the park,” he said.

Andrew believes meeting visitors and other volunteers with the same passion for animals has been the highlight of his volunteering experience.

“The stand out moments are when park visitors take the time to talk to us and listen to the stories about the animals and show empathy towards them. I look forward to meeting the other volunteers and park staff as well as all of the wonderful guests we have come to the sanctuary. Everybody is so welcoming and I have a great time,” he said.

Andrew has found volunteering to be a rewarding experience and encourages everyone who is considering volunteering to take the next step.

“I am so glad I took the step to become a volunteer as I have met a lot of beautiful people along the way and I get a great satisfaction from making a difference to the lives of animals.”

If you would like to volunteer for Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, contact Volunteering Services Australia on 07 5526 0688 or visit www.vsaustralia.org.au.