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Volunteer for Life – Opportunities Deliver Empowering Outcomes

By February 27, 2018 No Comments

Ex-business owner Lillan Nielson believes the best way to make a difference and to build on your current skills is by volunteering. It allows you to give back to the community.

Lillan finds volunteering to be a wonderful and fulfilling experience because of the benefits it provides not only to herself but to her community. Throughout her time as a volunteer, Lillan has been actively involved with not-for-profit organisations such as the Animal Welfare League and Multicultural Families Organisation (MFO).

Currently she donates her time as a volunteer at MFO where she is working on MFO’s bigger picture.
By assisting with grant opportunities and supporting grant applications.

“My role as a Community Development Officer includes background support to staff, researching various grant options and overall to implement that will support the desired vision of MFO” said Lillan.

With Lillan’s empowering attitude to create communities without violence, the concept ‘Leaders of Positive Change’ were made more than a year ago with the aim to bring communities together and reduce all kinds of violence.

“It was an ongoing process with monthly meetings, so we could reach out to individuals and develop a friend’s friend network to support the individual, making them feel safe and supported” she said.

“The project was officially launched on the 14 November. It was a great evening with about 170 participants from a diverse range of communities with multicultural performances” she said.

“Volunteering is rewarding because you get to use your skills and abilities in an environment where your contribution is appreciated and you can choose what is important for you to be involved in. It also gives you a new purpose.” She said.

If you wish to become a volunteer, contact Volunteering Services Australia at 07 5526 0688 or visit Become a Volunteer for current volunteer positions.