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Volunteering Feeds the Soul and Enriches Lives

By February 6, 2018 No Comments
Robyn More - Paradise Kids

   Robyn More – Paradise Kids

Robyn More volunteers at Paradise Kids and has done for 13 years. Her incredible dedication has helped hundreds of children who have experience grief or loss due to the death of a parent, sibling or grandparent , or experienced domestic violence or divorce, as well as children in foster care.

As a Volunteer of the Year finalist in the International Volunteer Day Gala Awards 2017, it is clear Robyn has made a difference to so many. She wanted to give something back to the community once her family had grown up and left home. She had more time and a passion to make a difference.

“For anybody who is unsure if they could volunteer, my advice is to do it now and you will be so amazed with how it enriches your life. You get far more back than what you give. Volunteering feeds the soul and makes me a better person. ” Said Robyn More, Program Leader, Paradise Kids.

Volunteering at Paradise Kids Robyn is the Children’s Program Leader and leads a 7 week program 4 times a year for 6-11 year old children. Time is what you make of it and she still works part time, juggling both her bookkeeping job and her volunteering position.

“Volunteering is dear to my heart, especially when one of the children who had completed the program 10 years ago came back as a volunteer to work with me. This is testament to what I do.” Said Robyn.

What keeps Robyn doing what she loves for 13 years? She knows that she can’t change the circumstances that brought the children to Paradise Kids but she does know that she can make a difference to them.

For volunteering positions visit www.vsaustralia.org.au or P: 07 5526 0688.